Auto makers in search of new methods to increase their sales

The automobile manufacturers are just increasing their rate of production and are trying to win the race among the other automobile industries around the world.

They are looking for different ways to promote cars in order to increase the auto sales.

The General motors Corp, has been the top industry for the past 75 years in terms of the global auto sales and which is now fighting to keep that title in the face of growing competition from Toyota.

Though it looks foreseeable that Toyota will claim top spot, increased sales in China (GM is now #1 in China beating former top dog Volkswagen) and surging sales in India have buoyed global sales for the General despite declining sales in North America. General Motors boss Rick Wagoner recently stated "If we can keep growing where the opportunities are to grow, someone's going to have to hustle pretty hard to catch up with us like that."

Acceding to Wall Street Journal, Rick Wagoner and General Motors do not focus on being at the top.

Ford Motor Company, which grabbed second place before is now pushed back to the third place with sales at just over 6.2 million units.

Strong sales in Europe have offset an apparently endless sales decline of blue oval vehicles in North America.

Once best sellers like the Ford Focus and Ford Explorer now sit on dealer lots as more innovative and fresh competition lure away new buyers. Ford would be wise to devise a more coherent product planning strategy instead of letting great cars waste away without any clear vision.

This is clearly revealed from the Ford Taurus and Lincoln L.S, which marked unique brand quality equity at some point but failed as they became unrelated amongst their respective competition.
Honda and Toyota have tried managing to keep the Accord and Camry nameplates which went for 2 decades, by Ford seems struggling with difficult times doing the same.

Hyundai has paced up with the competition and has crossed the auto sales over 11% in 2005.

The Korean automotive giant has gone to the sixth spot behind DaimlerChrysler. Since 1999 Hyundai has taken pace over players such as Honda, Fiat, Nissan, and Renault. Hyundai won’t be getting too comfy with the sixth place as they have set their goals to come within the range of top five by the end of the decade.

In the last 10 years they've crushed just about everyone's expectations. Volkswagen is sitting at the fourth place production over 5.2 million vehicles sold in 2005-2007C.

Though nothing seems certain in this big auto industry, one thing goes true all the time. Grabbing the top place doesn’t matter as long as the auto industry does not provide Great cars and trucks. Here only consumers ranks at the top. It is true that manufactures are trying their best to increase the auto sales market but this will require gaining the consumer confidence again.

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